9.04.2021: fantastic – about 10 Baleen whales & hundreds of Atlantic spotted dolphins

Sightings from April 9th, 2021, Valle Gran Rey / La Gomera: What a spectacular day – we got to see about 10 baleen whales around the boat and hundreds of Atlantic spotted dolphins.

It’s very rare to see something like this off the coast of La Gomera, at least 10 large whales at once. No matter where you looked you could see blows everywhere. The whales that came closer to our boat could be identified as Bryde’s whales. We even could observe them whilst feeding on smaller fishes.

And as if that wasn’t enough we were also accompanied by hundreds of Atlantic spotted dolphins all the time who where jumping and having a good time – we were all absolutely stunned.

The beautiful photos of Ulla Christina Ludewig give a good impression of the spectacle – the day of the whales.

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