Los Organos

Accompany us to the North of the island, to LOS ÓRGANOS – tremendous basalt pillars of volcanic origin, visible only from the sea.

On this tour, we will float along the coast while enjoying lovely views of beautiful valleys, high cliffs and secret beaches. This mini cruise includes a tasty selection of tapas and sangria.

Pictures of the Los Organos Tours

The natural monument of „Los Órganos“ (organ pipes) is a unique rock formation made up of vertical columns that look like church organ pipes, making it one of La Gomera’s most distinctive landmarks.

A natural wonder made of magma, it was formed by lava slowly cooling and contracting at the same time. The columns are of a rare uniformity, craggy and eroded by the sea‘s action.

The column wall can only be appreciated to its full extent and beauty from the sea, and stretches to a height of 262 ft. and a width of 575 ft. Some of the individual “organ pipes” are over 3 ft. wide.

We are looking forward to welcoming you aboard!

Our Tours to Los Organos

All tours to Los Organos depart from Vueltas, in the port of Valle Gran Rey.

Wednesday: 2.30pm

More tours to Los Organos with SPEEDY ADVENTURE

Monday, Tuesday & Friday: 9.00am
Sunday: 11.00 am

Further information here: Speedy Gomera

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